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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
You said the same thing about Nate remember?

Kim is just that much better then your average grappler. And not only that, he is incredible at getting people on his back and staying on them.. all about control with StunGun.

Kampmann is certainly not on Nate's BJJ level.. he might be a better Wrestler, but against a Judo guy that basic TDD doesn't really help ya.

His striking is good no doupt, but certainly nothing to be afraid of when you are an elite grappler. Just look back at what Jake Shields did and Shields was already out on his feet.
Shields got his ass kicked in that fight bad judging doesn't change that. Kampmann swept shields half a dozen times, held him down and beat on him for over a minute before giving up positioning to attempt a submission, and dominated him standing in the clinch. Shields is a lot better than Kim. You are just an asiaphile and have ridiculous opinions about asian fighters because you want them to have sex with you.
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