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had to tell this lil gem of a story.... so i got my dad a bluray player for xmas cuz his old dvd/vcr combo died, we all wondered if he would get is set up and working since its just an HDMI cable and electric plug..... well im sittin here trying to get my new dvd recorder set up and able to handle an HD signal (great success ), i get a call from my dad.... "i got it plugged in thru the HDMI... now how do i watch it?" well you hafta change the input to whichever HDMI its plugged into "ok i do that on the remote?" sigh.... yes... "ok..... i dont see input.... im looking and theres no input.... i see source.... could that be it? there a picture of like a tv and a line.... should i try that?" yeah why not "ok tv/av.... HDMI....2 that one?" maybe give it a try. "ok uhmmm what do i press?" sigh... select maybe "theres is no select....." or enter.... OK... something like that? "Oh....ok and now i hit play on the other remote.... play is the one thats like an arrow to the right?" /facepalm yes it is dad.... "ok.... its not doing anything.... oh wait wrong arrow button..." you may hafta highlight play on the screen and hit enter or select or ok "oh i got it, its playing now!"

and that was how my conversation went with my father.... is that gonna be me someday?

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