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I dunno, I just don't see a reason to have such weapons without the need to kill a bunch of people. I've shot both guns ar15 and ak47. First thing I thought was "jesus I could kill a lot of shit with this". I've owned a few rifles, 308, 30-30 and I've shot a lot including an sks. If I had to pick a best weapon to kill a large group of people I'd take the ar cause it's only 500$ or the ak 400$. But I wouldnt choose either for hunting over most traditional rifles. You don't need 30 rounds in a clip to go hunt animals. It's the presumption that I'd be buying an assault weapon to kill people that makes it immoral to me. If I can always defend myself with small arms anyways. Another problem i have is how easily such weapons can be converted into fully automatic weapons. I bet I could get one in an hour and it's not like I live in a third world country and that is frightening.

I'm not saying you guys are immoral and I'm not talking to you for disagreeing ;P truth be told I'm at a friends house and I'm 30 feet an a room away from an "immoral" weapon.. Not like I'm the most moral person anyways.

Also what's bullshit is that those assualt rifles are cheaper than the 45acps I'm looking at >.<

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