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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I dunno, I just don't see a reason to have such weapons without the need to kill a bunch of people. I've shot both guns ar15 and ak47. First thing I thought was "jesus I could kill a lot of shit with this". I've owned a few rifles, 308, 30-30 and I've shot a lot including an sks. If I had to pick a best weapon to kill a large group of people I'd take the ar cause it's only 500$ or the ak 400$. But I wouldnt choose either for hunting over most traditional rifles. You don't need 30 rounds in a clip to go hunt animals. It's the presumption that I'd be buying an assault weapon to kill people that makes it immoral to me. If I can always defend myself with small arms anyways. Another problem i have is how easily such weapons can be converted into fully automatic weapons. I bet I could get one in an hour and it's not like I live in a third world country and that is frightening.

I'm not saying you guys are immoral and I'm not talking to you for disagreeing ;P truth be told I'm at a friends house and I'm 30 feet an a room away from an "immoral" weapon.. Not like I'm the most moral person anyways.

Also what's bullshit is that those assualt rifles are cheaper than the 45acps I'm looking at >.<

theres the problem in your mentality..... and im not saying this to be a dick. A hammer was made to make life easier.... to hammer things.... it was also made for war and to kill people or animals easier.... today its pretty much used just for putting nails into wood... but its origional intended use was killing and making things.... knives.... they were tools to make every day life easier... and be used to kill... today we still use them to eat steak and cut open boxes and such....

and to bring up the rifles you mentioned... the .30-30 is a 7.62x51... the .308 is a same size bullet but with a more pointed bullet, they are both 7.62x 51, but look different. An SKS round has the pointed bullet like a .308, but is 7.62x39.....

L-R 5.56x45, .30-30, .308

SKS round.

so your hunting rifles are even bigger and more powerful then what the modern military uses now (M-16 is 5.56x45 aka .223, current issue AK's use 5.45x39)

so now all your talking about is capacity.... and possibility of making full auto.... well all things illegal are easy.... Coke, meth, crack and heroin are all illegal... but i bet i can get all of them faster then you get the proper parts and know how to make one of them full auto..... but again doing illegal shit is stupid, and only idiots do things like that....

capacity.... well to me, shooting guns is a whooooooooooole lot of fun!!! and i wuold love to add as many rounds as i possibly could to make my fun last longer!!! Hell my Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm has a capacity of 17+1.... thats higher then my SKS "assault rifle" that only has 10.... sure i can modify it, but i like my stuff origional too. well minus the scope =D

Xeb... i do love ya man, i consider you a freind, but there are some times i read things you say and think..... sigh.... someones been corrupted... lol i wanna corrupt you in a different direction buddy!!!

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