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Originally Posted by _RIVAL_ View Post
Gilbert Melendez is the #2 LW in the world.. possibley the #1 after Edger failed to avenge his loss to the number 3 or 4 in the world.

He has the right to make this claim.
Does not matter if Melendez himself is top 5, top 2 or even No.1, he is still just one fighter, SF may have a small hand full of LW fighters that could holder there own in the UFC LW division at best, even with the addition of one man who could and would be a legit contender, compared to the countless number of top level fighters and possible contenders for the No.1 spot over at the UFC it becomes a very small and insignificant part of the equation when comparing the 2 division.

SF are doing the right thing when you look at how they are progressing in all divisions and sending fighters over to Dream to enter this tournament that's been developed seems like a very good move for there LW division considering there limited air time and current dedication to the HW and LHW divisions, this allows them to keep there fighters active which can only be a good thing regardless of the results, but still they are gigantic steps behind the UFC @ LW and thats something that can not be chanced without more shows to support the extra fights required to progress the extra division.

Even now if they where to turn focus up on there shows in the LW division, which would be a very very stupid move on there half, if would result in some level of sacrifice to the other division via been able to host less fights in them and there for developing them less. But hypothetically if the where to go crazy and focus a huge 60% of there show space in the LW division, considering the amount of focus the UFC gives to the LW division and the current ability they have to host more shows they would still fall way short of the standards been provided at LW over at the UFC.

This is a mistake made my the UFC imo turning to much of there focus to the LW and WW division at the sacrifice of HW and I believe LHW divisions, and now with FW and BW to support the suffering of those division at the UFC can only get worse.

You could argue the lower weight divisions will suffer the same at SF though too much focus been on HW and LHW, but they are just baby divisions anyway that may not be allowed to progress as much over the next year as they would of should the focus be of an equal split across the promotion, but they will not demise ether due to them requiring only a very small amount of focus to withstand there current level, and also with there fighters been able to remain active and compete in other promotions even without the card space been giving to fights it the lower weights, there fighters can keep active and progressing there records which is what is really important.

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