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Originally Posted by SJ View Post
I am very bothered by 3 or 4 posters on this forum. It is stupid of me to be actually bothered, but they ruin almost every thread now lol. Prolonged, open, preferential treatment while rules are being broken is not cool. I even remember getting warned for swearing when I first joined...

Maybe it's just because our mom is gone. Where the hell is SWP anyway? She seemed bummed about this place for quite awhile, to me anyway.

Blah, This thread seems to be safe from these exalted trolls.. so I am going to hang around here and the vbookie threads mostly. Other than that, I am on strike... sort of.
I'm not sure who you are talking about.

Feel free to PM me and let me know what the issue is, that's why we're here. Keep in mind, as many mods as we have, it's impossible to keep up to date on every issue or member out there. We have 40,000+ members, and roughly 600-700 active daily. It's always best to PM a mod if you see any issue or member causing an issue, so that we know what is wrong and can work it out.

Also, the forum has an ignore button for a reason. If a few posters are bothering you, you can easily ignore them and never have to deal with them again. It's why the feature is there.
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