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Originally Posted by limba View Post
Funny thing!
Same here man!

Question: Why is it that every man call the women in his country sluts?!

Romanian girls are some of the hottest in Europe. I know this.
But, fact is, they are very much into MONEY! the majority of them.
If you have a nice car and some money, they will go down on you. And when you're out of money, they will move on to he next one!
Again...Not all of them, but most of them.

For me, foreign women seem more interesting in many ways.
And i don't know, i think australian women are very hot.
Plus, the weather there is mostly sunny, so i iamgine them running/walking arround wearing not that many clothes.

Right now it's F*in winter here.
5 more months until sommer!
I hate this time of the year!
one of my best friends was born in romania and came over here when he was like 6..... anyway he was tellin me one time how we need to go to romania, like a couple thousand dollars and we live like kings!!! and being that we are american the hottest of the hot women will throw themselves at us, cuz they want us to fall in love and marry them and take em with us home...

i havent been to romania.... but it is on my bucket list

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