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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
So, me and JuggNuttz are going, who's joining? Housing and the guiding from limba.
Then we'll visit Estonia! Huh Rauno?!

Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
one of my best friends was born in romania and came over here when he was like 6..... anyway he was tellin me one time how we need to go to romania, like a couple thousand dollars and we live like kings!!! and being that we are american the hottest of the hot women will throw themselves at us, cuz they want us to fall in love and marry them and take em with us home...

i havent been to romania.... but it is on my bucket list
You do that!
It's a lot of fun.
60-70 bucks a night in a club and you're gonna get wasted like there's no tomorrow.
Best thing about clubbing and going out here in Romania - nobody asks you how old you are and shit like that. Normally you would have to be at least 18 to be able to drink alcohol.
Yeah right!
At 16-17 i was getting wasted and arriving home in the morning. No problem.

Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
just as long as there is no super secret club like in Hostel......

As far as i know, there isn't! Don't worry!

PS: when is that card starting?!
40 minutes?! I am dead tired.



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