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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
ahh dam the one risk I took cost me, I suspected a submission win for Jacare as well, only reason I picked Lawler was because I figured everyone would pick the same 4 people near enough and I was right, so I thought I would bet on one upset and I figured Robbie with his KO power had the best chance of pulling one off with a KO, so I went with it.

Well played Machida, I let you have this one seriously because of the risk I took which went against my instinct of what I actually thought would happen in that fight but what can I say you where able to take advantage and make me pay.
Yeah i regretted not saying Sub the second i sent my picks lol, i was like damn did i really say it would go 5 rounds.... Ouchy... Good fight!

Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
How about this for a deal. If you can hold onto your belt until Mar 3/5 we will have a double header, Strikeforce 32 and UFC Live Sanchez vs Kampmann with both belts on the line, combined score takes both home.

Unless Dude wants to give me a Lesnaresque shot at your belt before then
Lol there u go combining the two belts as if there equal... That deal isn't a fair trade, but im confident id win so i would do it if i dont take it from u before then or if u can hold onto your shit for another fight night, which i question u can do.

And it would be pretty unfair to others to boost u to a title shot just cause i selfishly want both belts, that would definitely be Dudes decision

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