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I really disagree with this consensus that these fights were largely all mismatches and therefore not meaningful or entertaining. I would much prefer to see an awesome fighter like Diaz or GSP face a variety of styles and opponents than to have them face the same recycled opponents just because on paper they are the top contender. I don't want to see GSp fight Kos for a third or Fitch for a second, it means nothing and is bad match-making. Lets see what GSP can do against a completely different style. I think it should be the job of the Match-maker to find opponents who have the best chance of overthrowing the champ and not make fights based solely on who is rated number 2 at that moment.
All the favorites from last night were tested, none had an easy time.

I knew Diaz was tough before last night but after seeing him absorb the straights to the face and those vicious leg kicks, i am in awe of his durability and toughness.

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