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Rat Packed: Defeating Multiple Attackers by Sammy Franco

Rat Packed: Defeating Multiple Attackers by Sammy Franco
English | DivX | MPEG 44100Hz | 1 hr 30 min | 660 Mb

Based on the experience of real street fights, self-defense expert Sammy Franco is in this DVD of knowledge about how to defeat a series of attacks in the situation of street self-defense. No one would dispute the fact that defeating several enemies on the street is very dangerous, but this can be achieved with proper military training and proper training.

Throughout the film Sammy detail explains and demonstrates in practice the following points:
- 2 main types of attack scenarios, several people on the street ( "mood" and "Ambush");
- Parallel and serial attacks, method of use as human shield tactic of building a line of defense;
- Strategic skills of footwork, the importance of creating conditions for military training;
- 2 main goals when working with multiple opponents (throat and eyes), training and exercises to develop accuracy and speed of attacks on multiple opponents;
- The importance of understanding the development of the situation;
- The strategic position and the position of hands in the SNA (the situation a number of attacks), training of "dealer" and work from it;
- Danger, consisting of the SNA, the danger of being surrounded, against the wall, pushed into ( "anchored");
- Definition of the instigators (alpha) and the slave;
- The danger of fighting on the ground in a situation SNA skills to protect from the knife in the SNA;
- Distance and time of protection and response pre-emptive strike;
- Training with a man-shield, a realistic attack scenarios, the training of tactile sensitivity;
- Training for CNAs natural weapons, improvised weapons (examples include the use of weapons, security and disarmament of);
- The principle of attacks against multiple attackers: attack the leader, double-simultaneous attacks, a detailed analysis study of situations
- Training in full contact with the recommendations and an indication of errors and much more.
credits to original uploader.

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