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There isn't that much to say today. I did fairly well during rolling. I was rolling with a bigger guy who has some experience but was getting back into training and I pretty thoroughly destroyed him. His cardio was pretty rough, which is what I usually expect when guys are just coming back. I didn't have serious problems passing his guard (my ability to pass the half-guard has really impressed me; I knew that I could usually kill the half-guard before, but I've been feeling really good about closing off the hip and locking my opponents in the cross face and finishing the pass) and that is reassuring, since it makes me feel like my game is slowly returning.

I was working with another guy, closer to my size, who is a competitive grappler, and caught him in a triangle position a few times, but couldn't quite finish it. I realize that I wasn't really effectively closing off the space by grabbing my own ankle and utilizing what I refer to as the collar, the control that the top leg lets you exercise over the posture of your opponent. It's very frustrating to not remember these things that were, for a while, reflexes for me. But it's like riding a bicycle, the higher belts keep reminding me, and it'll be back.

I was working with Jeff, a very largely and very technically skilled brownbelt who's game (and teaching style) I'm really coming to enjoy. I was having a little trouble closing off the hips after freeing my legs from the closed guard, when I was passing by stepping out of the guard and over the legs, and one of my issues is that I try to get around the arms of my opponent by turning my hips, moving side to side, rather than moving in and out.

What Jeff explained to me, and this was incredibly helpful, was that when my opponent was putting his hands on my hips to push me away and shrimp out, if I just backed up and collapsed the arm, it wasn't difficult from there to close off the hips and maintain a good side control. So, it's a thought, and something I'm going to keep working on.

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