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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
well most of my state is fecked, category 5 cyclone/hurricane 5 hours away from hitting, stronger than hurricane katrina
ouch..... g'luck to ya dude

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
things got hot and out of hand fast thats for sure.. when they brought the goat in i was like... i need another drink
that was my favorite part, i did get worried when they pulled out the generator and jackhammer... but that was pretty hot too..... errr i mean i never looked at them.....

no loss of power here, which suprises me... normally when i see the power flicker i usually have about 20 minutes and then powers out for several hours..... flickered 2-3 times but still going. i read many other parts of chicago lost power and my neighborhood is usually one of the worst.

cant find how much snow has fallen, im sure its hard to tell cuz of the 50+ mph winds.... but neighbors table on their deck had an easy foot of snow on it and that was like 4 hours ago and its still snowing.... checking out snow blowers on amazon.... found a Toro for $300 that is reviewed really well and electric.... my driveway isnt that big, but it slope up to the street and makes shoveling it a bitch...

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