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I actually broke the chain on my bag last week I do my "training" in my workshop, so I have like, 270 degrees of motion around my 80lb bag, surrounded by wooden shelves and power saws. (AND SAW DUST OH MY LORD THE SAW DUST IS SO HARD TO GET RID OF) The lack of work-out room causes me to "go off" sometimes and get really violent with my shelves if I fall in to them or anything, but that is not the point here.

My hands were a little worse for wear on that particular day, which is fairly common for me, and I was throwing a lot of low kicks and middle kicks.

After a lot of reps, bouncin' around to Daft Punk, I thought it would be cool to practice a throwing a right high kick, and immediately dropping and shooting in for a takedown. I did this like three times, and I was actually impressed that I was performing this, until the fourth shot.... I wasn't really thinking and I grabbed the bag by the verrrrry bottom and pulled too hard, breaking the chain. It fell on my head and neck lol. It was pretty brutal considering what was left of the chain rained down onto the back of my head.

Seriously imagine this in your head, I shoot in, catch the bottom of the bag, and as I spring to stand, it brings me face down to the floor lol. I find it lol worthy.

So me, a 140lb guy was almost killed by an 80lb bag last week. Bruce Lee was wrong.

Anyway, just thought I would share my bag story too

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