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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
just got off the phone with my doctor. apparently i have the clap and i have to call everyone ive "been intimate with" in the past 6 months... and well.. my god im going to be on the phone all day. thank god i dont even know half of the people im supposed to call much less their numbers.
no need to call me man... i already knew.... sorry bout that one.... just returning the favor this time around.

only bag story i got really, i was like 9 or 10 at a freinds b-day party and in his basement he had a small hanging bag, basement was fully furnished too had a pool table and bar type of thing. so we all down there taking turns hitting and kicking this bag making it barely move, but as kids we thought it was cool, we were like ninja's!!!! so one of the kids dads comes down and sees us and comments on how its cool and looks fun and all. so my friend says go ahead and give it a kick its fun, dads like nah im too big for it. no your not i can hang off this thing (johnny is like 9 and prolly weighted 65lbs he was such a skinny lanky kid). so the dad inspects it sees its bolted to the floor board upstairs and says ok...... takes a step back and gives it like a front push kick type of thing and sends this bag flying thru the air, smacks some kid and mashes him up against the corner of the pool table and even moving the pool table a couple inches the kid smacked it so hard! course we all had a good laugh except the dad who just took out some other kid, but the kid was ok, lil sore and even he laughed about it. but turns out the bag was supposed to be bolted in like 3 different spots or something, but since it was a skinny kid hitting it that they just used 1 in like a D-ring, so when the dad kicked it it broke the bolt in half. god that was so awesome!

well with the sun being bright temp back into double digits now.... gonna go shovel some paths again...... god i hate snow...

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