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New MMO comming out

so in my quest (get it?) to find something to replace World of Warcraft, i found Rift and it has piqued my interest.... tommorow starts a Beta event that i got in by pre-ordering on amazon (if it sucks i can always cancel before release date).

theres 2 factions The Guardians who think they are the good guys, and the Defiant who dont really care what you think heh. and these rifts opened up all over the world that brings in mosters... when they open you have to fight them off and defeat them otherwise they build a foothold in that area.

a pvp thing that has me interested, and i dunno all the specifics, but basically you can go to the opposing factions side, near one of their cities and open a rift and sit back and watch them scramble, or jump in and gank people while they try and fight off the rift.... hehehe im liking this one alot lol.

ill be playing this weekend and ill report back more if people are interested. if ya dont wanna do the pre-order thing, you can still sign up for Beta on the site, and i know theres a stress test on saturday so they may invite a whole buncha people. its Beta so why not give it a shot.

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