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They are both so broken it is like a grabbing a meth addict and a heroine addict and saying which one is better off in life?

I find both to be unplayable due to gamebreaking AI problems, or mechanics but I'd go with EA MMA just because I mainly play for online play and it's a funner online game.

EA has worse AI for sure, pretty much everything above easy will force you to stand, wrestling and grappling of any kind will fail miserably for the most part, and clinching is entirely impossible. You'd be lucky to land 3 out of 100 clinches on even a medium computer. They'll grapple block everytime. I even rocked a guy and tried to Thai clinch him with Overeem and somehow blocked me while getting his bearings back. Ridiculously broken.

UFC has way better A.I fights, just boring, and incredibly easy. That said, EA's is pretty easy too, just you have to strike, which doesn't take much ability. Hell, you could easily hook spam your way to Gold.

Online, the UFC is the most tedious game ever made, striking is completely nonexistant due to poor mechanics, literally impossible. Literally. Subs are broken, basically simply getting a good posistion with certain characters makes you win(ex. Side mount with Big Nog = win, BJ rubber guard, or back mount, etc), the game is completely and utterly dominated in the clinch and with fence hugging. Fights hit the mat about 5 times a match with good players, and it simply becomes a throw and takedown contest with maybe someone getting the grappling edge. Basically the entirety of the fight is spent holding back the RS until someone throws a strike and someone gets the body clinch or single collar tie.

EA MMA actually has pretty good online gameplay, only no one plays, the ground game is way too slow paced, and the parry system ruins what is pretty much solid mechanics. That and the ground and pound system is pretty bad, as you can pretty much ONLY do damage in mount, postured up, back mount or sometimes side back mount if you have Heavies, hard though. Subs are better than UFC, but still rather tedious, as the minigames really drag on a bit. Still the fact that you can block and escape them makes them much better. Striking is decent, again the parry system is completely idiotic. It is however completely ruined by the hook spam exploit where people just spam x and y and knock you down without you having a single defense for it. Clinch is the oppositie of UFC, completely useless...completely. It's only use is maybe getting a takedown. It can be hard to gain though, and you can't do any damage from the Thai clinch, because they can just block all of your knees, to both the body and head by simply holding block, and you'll incur a huge stamina penalty. Instead you have to elbow spam them, which does little damage, and they'll just parry and still have enough time for the game to register as them blocking, so mixing it up doesn't work. You can slam them though, which is all this is usefull for. Double legs are again, ridiculously hard to pull off, a kickboxer can sprawl you despite being airborne at the point of contact. Utterly ridiculous. Game is obviously stacked towards striking as UFC's is to wrestling/cage humping.

/cynical rant.

Best MMA game is still UFC 09. Flawed, yes. But is the most balanced game by far, and represents all styles and fighting conditions equally. A good clinch fighter can dominate in the clinch, but if the guy he's fighting can defend, he can dominate him striking. IF a guy can defend strikes and time takedowns, he can dominate on the mat with either ground and pound or subs.
Every facet of MMA is represented and balanced. MMA games have only regressed unfortunately. Hoping 2012 is better.

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