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It's hard to tell and depends on your age, overal fitness, skill level and in particular your mindset.

As a bodybuilder you have to re-adjust your muscles, as bodybuilding uses in a big part muscle isolating exerises, but what you need for fighting is a good inter muscular functionallity. So you want to change from pure isolated training (i.e. dumb bell arm curls) to body weight exercises (pull/chin ups) where you still can put on additional weight to raise max power.
Also bodybuilding uses mostly high weight with low repetition numbers as this suits best for its main goal hypertrophy, but it doesn't develop muscle endurance which you need in fighting. That's why people with a bodybuilding backgrouns mostly easily gas out very fast while fighting. So you want to lower weight and do more repetitions instead.

That's not very detailed yet, but should give you an impression on the different type of strength you need in fighting in contrast to bodybuilding.
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