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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
eureka (really interesting plot/story/premise)
spartacus:gods of the arena (seriously netflix if you are gunna put it up for instant streaming make sure we can stream it as soon as it is up )

question for you guys.

I started watching Stargate SG1 because a friend recommended it to me i was like eh i have nothing else to watch so i started watching it..I had a hard on once i saw that Macgyver was the lead star (even if he does not have his mullet) and also the woman from sanctuary was in it but allot younger ..................well anyways after the macgyver shock factor wore off the series just started boring me to death usually i give a series 5 episodes to get good (i know it takes them a few episodes to get the characters down and a good story line worked up) i have passed that point and im kinda bored

anybody watch all the seasons and know if it gets good heck it has like nine seasons and a spin off stargate atlantis so im guessing it does but yeah

i dunno what to say........ i have every season on SG-1 on dvd aswell as SG-A...... i just..... i dunno what to say..... to me SG-1 is l ke the best sci-fi series EVER (suck it star strek and star wars fans!!!), i dunno what to do... im nerd raging beyond belief.....

but yes, if you ask me, SG-1 gets better and better.....

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