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Originally Posted by SgtSixpack View Post
Can't believe I made u angry from 2007...
I get angry easy. I kind of assume that everyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong, and that irritates me.

If u read again it wasn't me who said the traps were a back muscle it was the OP, I believe I just said that u train traps after shoulders.
Oh, I thought you said the traps were a shoulder muscle, which is retarded. They are a back muscle.

I don't train traps I just do 210kg deadlifts. I can flip a 350kg tire too. Now go ahead and get more angry.
Now THAT is something we can agree about. Deads are AWESOME, and that is a decent deadlift. I do Power Cleans rather than Tireflips but I can still respect someone who moves 350kg of Anything. NICE.
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