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Well, another week, some more insights.

I've continued with the Endurance Series. There was a little debate between myself and my training partner as to whether or not all the ducks were in the right rows. However, the debate has only made me feel more assured that I'm on the right road to more endurance in the right ways.

I've been thinking about finishing up the Endurance Series a bit earlier than two months. Maybe six weeks. Meaning at the end of this coming week (approx). From there I'd be moving on to Cardio circuits. I've been writing down just some random ideas on the subject this past weekend trying to get things figured out in advance, rather than just going with it, like I did endurance.

I want to move on for a couple reasons.
1. The endurance segment, while being very effectual, is starting to get old. I'm not excited to lift as much as I was when I initially saw results. I think there is more endurance to be gained through this manner of workouts. But I can continue throuh the cycle of Endurance, Cardio, Exposivness, General Strength. On a 6 week rotating basis (improvisized plan that may be totally changed on a whim).
2. I seem to be putting my body through the ringer. And its not responding properly. I'm taking protein supplements, and joint supporters. But I'm seeing a deterioration in my joints that's mildly alarming. I attribute this to bulk. I have a medium frame, but am well within the HW limit. This is putting unnecessary stress on my knee joints. Which I already abused while in high school. So, getting my weight under my self imposed limit(215lbs), and building epic cardio() is priority 1. Everything else is secondary.

So on to techical/cardio work.
Worked out with my training partner on Saturday. Did padwork, as well as rolling.

During padwork, I left like sauce that is of the weak nature. My cardio was the problem. I felt fresh on a muscular level. I felt oxygenated to a certain degree. But man were my lungs aching after a pitiful amout of padwork. I also partially-gimped up my left leg, throwing a poorly timed frog kick against a bag swinging back at me. So suffice to say padwork was fail.

Next was the rolling. Here I was very surprised for a couple reasons.
1. My partner had spent the morning watching Youtube video's describing top control from side control. Ash-hole baz-tard! He easily controlled me and when I was trying to create space to stand I made the super-noob mistake of forgetting to control his knee with my palm. So as I slipped backwards to move back to full guard, he would slide right along with me. Fail guard pass defense was fail!
2. My muscles were working fine. Even when I was on the bottom. I didn't get at all fatigued during what was estimated between us as about 60-90 minutes of rolling. My cardio sucked but not my endurance.
3. I have remarkable difficulty finishing armbars out of nowhere. I managed to wrap up my opponent's arm twice but for some reason couldn't get my ass to fall in the right position to get the finish. Ass plant is fail!

Diet: I kind of fell off the bandwagon this weekend. I had soda, ribs, and other essentially disgusting foods. I'll blame Silva's staredown and Rothlisberger(sp?) hatred on my epic fail. But hopefully I can stay strong from now on!

Overall. There were successes and fails this week. I am happy with the successes, and am not all that perturbed by the failures. I think the fact that I have a plan with which to address those failures is the biggest reason they don't bother me. I wouldn't want to be the ragequit guy again would I!!!

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