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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
Ok so not to dig into you but WTF are you doing still sparring?

Take some time off, concussions take dump truck loads of time to heal the tiniest bit. I asked my wife but she wont say crap because anyone reading this could sue her because she's a RN so basically MY advice is the same as rustys, go to the fn doc get a MRI and you'll know more.

I cant say how bad it effected you because my net ready MRI broke this morning BUT Ill say this.


P.S. head bleeds can kill you, its nothing to play with if you are having residual effects STOP SPARRING and see a medical professional.
im not going back to sparring but you dont really understand the situation cause i didnt explain it but basically i beat up some dude a few months ago and took his shots no problem, but assuming he asks for a rematch (and im not gonna say no, sometimes men have to stand up for themselves) would i be more suspectable to a ko. i mean like a strike to the face, not the back of my head. i cant just say "no i cant fight i got ko'd recently". im aware that i would be risking getting brain damage but im just wondering if im more suspectible. your wife isnt telling me im cable of fighting or anything,i just wanted to know about if im more suspectible now.

if your wife says no im not gonna go run out and slam my head on a brick wall or something im just wondering (since she is a RN) that in her opinion, assuming ive been flash-ko'd for a split second and recovered fine, would there be a NOTICABLE difference in knockout suspectibility?

and im really asking alot i know, but is there any kind of relavance to amount of time out? for example, if i was out cold for a minute, 30 seconds, an hour, or just a splitsecond, is there a different trauma rate?

for example, if i was out for a minute, chances are i got hit real bad and alot of damage was done. however it was only a split second and it didnt really even hurt after about 5 minutes. could the damage LIKELY be just as bad regardless of time or is waking up immediately a good sign that damage was minimal.

dont worry about getting sued lol your not telling me whether or not i can fight im just wondering if my chins ruined cause i aspire to be a fighter one day and i dont wanna be getting ko'd from jabs lol


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