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Did Jones get the easiest road to a justified title shot?

Not hating on Jones because what the kid has accomplished and whom he has beaten at age 23 is just amazing. And he has no say in what path he takes to a title shot. That said...

Fighting in the TOUGHEST division in the UFC. Jones has had a pretty easy road to a title shot. The reason i say this is because the kid has not had even 1 A level opponent. Brandon Vera or possibly Bader(I still have a tough time rating him) are the toughest guys he has fought. And neither of them are even bad A level fighters they are both at best GOOD B level fighters. And it isnt that the LHW division lacks A class fighters. We have

Randy Couture

All proven A level opponents. Rich or Thiago possibly being in the weaker portion of the Elite. Not too long ago i would laugh if someone said that you dont have to fight any of those guys to get a title shot. So how does a guy have 7 fights, 7 wins (ignore hamill loss) but all against bad-avereage B level fighters and Bader who hasnt fought any A level fighters either.
Did Jones luck out due to the timing of the other fighters?? By that i mean the other fighters are either busy having fights scheduled or injured. Or did the UFC purposely avoid putting Jones in there with someone of the Elite status?? I imagine Win or Lose against Shogun. They are going to start feeding Jones to the wolves. (Or more likely is that Jones is the wolf )
I dont think someone is going to get a title shot without having atleast 1 or 2 Elite wins for a long time. Even Randy Couture who has his title shots gifted to him normally is stuck going through these guys.

I salute you Jones! You are special in many ways.

Off to bed. Looking forward to reading your guys opinions.

Also curious. Does anyone put Bader in the same class as the rest of those guys i mentioned?? And if you do tell me why?? If you look at the list of his opponents you will see he has no Elite wins either. So i really am curious how you would justify it.

Alrighty. Im off to bed. Night guys.

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