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Originally Posted by Big_Charm View Post
Hey Limba, I was thinking of a comparison with Jones and Brock the other day....

I believe both got early shots due to their athleticism, potential and just freakish ability in the ring for such a small time in MMA.

The one glaring hole in both guys games are this: Striking

Both need to turn it up to the next level, then I see Jones and Lesnar almost unstoppable in the coming future.

Comm'on man!
Don't go there too!

Jones' skill set is miles ahead of Lesnar's.

1. Stop comparing Jones' striking to Lesnar's non-existant striking. The one thing i agree is that both use their striking to set up their TDs.
Jones has more than decent striking. He's a dynamic striker, who comes from different angles. Has very good cage movement. And, on top of that, add to that his spinning elbows and all the other flashy thing he pulls on the feet.
What can Brock do on the feet, apart from rushing towatds his opponent to take him down?! Lesnar's striking/stand-up game is almost non existant.

2. Lesnar got his title shot while having a 1-1 record in the UFC. With a win over Herring! And Herring hasn't fought anyone since that fight!

Jones is getting his, having a 12-1 record, 6-1 in the UFC, with 4 stoppages. And we all know what happened in the Hammill fight. He should have been 13-0/7-0 in the UFC.
(but that's another story)

3. Jones' wrestling is completely different than Lesnar's.

The fact that he got this title shot - with Evans hurt - doesn't support a comparison between him and Brock Lesnar.

As far as talent, skill-set, evolution as a fighter - Jones is nothing like Lesnar.



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