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Synopsis of recent strength training: Hit a 225lb max rep back squat - a PR of about 15lbs - which makes me happy since I can now say that I can squat my own bodyweight. Did some raw deadlifts with progressive resistance, 300lbs at the bottom, 400lbs at the top. And finally, did a max power clean of 155lbs (without belt), 175lbs (with belt); I maybe could've sneaked out 160-165lbs raw, but I didn't want to spend anymore time on power cleans and I just wanted to hit that 175.

Been feeling really inflexibile in the groin lately, which is a bummer. I've been trying to stretch it out as best I can but even so, it had been giving me troubles such as restricting height on my kicks/bleeding power off my head kicks, and really screwing up my squat depth while strength training. I think I stretched it out really well last night, but it still needs a ton more stretching to really loosen up like it use to be.

Worked on accuracy/speed of side kicks the other day. Felt fairly accurate and I don't think they were slow. But I was sacrificing too much cleanliness of form, I think. My hands were all over during the kick, and to maximize speed/power out of my hips, I was turning over so much it was almost becoming a back kick with me facing away. Not cool. Need to work on that.

Synopsis of padwork sessions as well as bagwork: I'm pretty pleased with my roundhouse kicks' power, speed is, bleh. Been connecting some heavy hooks that I think are solid in terms of power, but again, I'm not happy about their speed. My jab seems quick-ish (not anything like the jab of a speed demon of a lightweight, but not bad for my size), but is absolutely lacking in terms of "effect" unless I purposely slow it down and ramp up power. The only redeeming thing about handwork lately has been a combination: jab followed by a stepping in rear uppercut to the body - that uppercut just seems to blast hard everytime. Finally, the clinch game isn't really my game, but it's not smart to ignore it. So I worked some knees in the clinch with Squirrel, trying to toss an elbow hook on the way out. I know the knees were probably decent in both speed and power (and accuracy, since I hit the thai pads instead of him), but amusingly enough I'm more proud of the elbow I was throwing on the escape. If only because I know that, just given the way I fight, I'll probably be tossing that elbow more often than knees.

Rolled with Squirrel the other day. Subbed him with a RNC and an Americana (which he had to show me how to do, in the moment [can you tell I'm a horrible submission artist?]). He subbed me with a something or other, and then the fourth round we rolled he outlasted me. I felt good in that I think I felt a strength advantage in my favor, but it was obvious (by the fact that I had to tap to exhaustion) that my endurance isn't up to par and his is well above it.

Really kind of on the fence lately about if I should continue documenting my training. I'm not sure anyone's actually interested/benefitting from this, and I don't know that I really feel the need to document it for myself anymore. Among the things to think about, I s'pose.

Diet's been getting progressively cleaner. I'm eating my fruits and veggies, drinking my milk, meeting my protein needs - but I'm still picking up some junk food here and there that's absolutely empty calories. Hopefully if I update again at the end of next week, I'll be able to say that my diet has gotten much cleaner, and I'll be able to talk about some of the things I've been doing for cardio.

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