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Originally Posted by Warhammer View Post
alright thanks, im 83KG and am medium frame but just need some ideas of what to eat at that time.
I didn't get your Hight but if you are about 5,10 or 5,9 you are over you "healthy body range" but still in good shape. Typical way to measure this. is you take your hight for 5 feet add 106 pounds add 6 pounds for each additional inch then if you are a medium body frame take 5% of that number and add it to that number also subtract it from that number and you have your healthy body weight range (large frame ads 10% small subtracts 10%). Now if you are 9% or less out of that range you are considered healthy. However if your muscled up its OK to be to be out on the high a little over the 10% mark.

Use this to help with conversion in measurements.

Here is a rough set up.
The big deal in what you are eating is your daily needs. Read the label. 50% of your caloric intake should be in carbs 20% should be in protein (however more for you if your are actively working out). and around 20%-30% in fat..less than 10% in saturated fat.also 25 grams of fiber per day. Try and learn about the effects of saturated, mono-saturated and polyunsaturate fat. This may not be tailored to you exactly but its a good guideline to follow.

check the labels on your food and create a food diary to see how you are doing according to that. then decide what you are missing or what you have too much of and then that should tell you what you should eat at that time.

if you follow the guide lines you should be fine. I mean you are smart enough to know foods like lean turkey grilled chicken whole grain bread and other things like that are good for you and cake and ice cream is not something you want but to decide exactly what you need to eat for sure, you need what fulfills those categories.

now as i said that is for your average male at your size but if you are actively working out you should increase protein intake and its ok to be a little over the typical 9% within your healthy body range.

Tell me what you think. Hope that helped any more questions just ask.

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