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**** no, NO NO NO NO NO, why Thiago of all the LHW's why him, dam dam dam, the UFC is full of shit this is Bullsh1t, I had my doubts about the whole Rash situation thinking maybe they knew from training Jones was the better fighter, and maybe because they wanted to give Jones a title shot this year they did not want to risk Rash talking the title and having a no go with Jones vs Rash.

I smelt BS there, now it stinks even worse that it just so happens that Silva is out and Rah is up and ready for Rampage.

I smelt BS on the Cain Injury as well as a way of bringing Brock back into he title picture after such a huge disappointment the UFC must of suffered at watching the top PPV seller lose the title.

It would not be the first time the UFC has faked injuries to get the fight they want to happen in the name of PPV sales on the cards, I recall 2 ring girl losing there jobs for talking about a case of this with some MMA reporter, this is fcuking BS.

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