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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Lol... Im sorry... But pay very close attention to everything u said come fight night...

Better striker? And ground game? I assume you think Rampage is some kind of pathetic Brandon Vera?

Sorry bra giving him next to no chance when he clearly has hands that can end it at any second, and proved his TDD against Machida and showed a MUCH better fight then Thiago did...

Rampage is going to look A LOT bigger the you think he is, and if you think Thiago is going to control him on the ground you cant be more wrong.

And the fact you think Thiago is better on the feet and your confident if it stays standing, says enough for me on how confused u must be
Actually I think right now Brandon Vera could beat Rampage, in fact I don't see Rampage anymore all I see is Quinton Jackson a mere shadow of the fighter he once was, all I see coming from him over the coming year is the fall of a legend, just like what happened to Chuck Liddell and Cro Cop last year.

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