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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
i keep remembering the story i heard, where Seagal was at "The Arnold", and he was telling some of the BJJ guys that he developed a technique that made him invulnerable to chokes...... of course they all had a laugh of sorts and said he would prove it! so he closes his eyes, does this breathing thing, hits a few pressure points and nods... guy comes up and RNC's him and couple seconds and Seagal is out........ and pooped his pants.

i didnt look hard on the net for confirmation, so didnt find any, but i thought it was an ammusing story and fitting for this thread =D
That's the LeBell incident I was talking about:
It wasn't at "The Arnold", but at a film set and he didn't poop in his pants, but released his bladder. The guy who choked him out was the legendary Judo Gene LeBell who was somewhat around 60 years old at that time and amongst martial artist a world renown grappler long before anyone outside Brasil ever heard of BJJ or the Gracies.

The story is confirmed by a guy who interviewed Bob Wall who was present when the incident happened:

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