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Originally Posted by morninglightmt View Post
Segal would stop his take-downs with his palms to the eyes technique and then incapacitate Bas with a karate chop to the shoulder, then knock him out with a single straight kick to the chin that he invented and has been perfecting for 30 or 40 years, he can't really remember.
Three words: Exploding Spleen Punch

Segal ain't got shit on that.

All this publicity is probably going to get him a new movie deal! What's the big deal. He helped refined that kick and that's it. Why doesn't Bas try training some MMA champs. Kimbo was his last protege...don't get me wrong though Bas is dope. But all this is just shenanigans. Who cares... Fight is over!
How about Steven Segal becomes the UFC HW Champ? Or King of Pancrase (x3)? Or goes 28-4-1 in REAL full contact fighting not fixed Dojo shit? Bas doesn't need to train anyone to show he's legit, just ask the liver of every man he's ever fought.

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