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Originally Posted by DJ Syko View Post
doesnt matter if his road was easy or not(and it wasnt), if(when) he walks out the champion next month it will be totally justified.

Jones has made world class wrestlers look like children compare to him, what could shogun possible do to stop him? Am a big Shogun fan too, am actually wearing his T-Shirt right now lol, but Jones is a monster, he is the new breed and i just cant see any LHW beating him in the near future. People always forget that he has only been training MMA for 3 years, he isnt even close to hitting his peak yet, just think about that for moment.
Exactly, thats why i think all this Anderson Silva vs JBJ is kinda silly right now, its hard to put a limit on the kid but his whole experience on training MMA has been so short, and he has done so much and still showed no limits.

ANd the only fighter i could see beating Shogun from the beginning was a strong wrestler, and when i saw the way JBJ man handled Bader, a WAY better wrestler then Shogun, i knew he could pull out a win over him.

But Anderson just has WAY to much experience for someone only training for 3 years +.

But give the kid a couple more years to fill in his whole striking game and head movement / Sub defense and i dont see many people being a big threat to this kid...

I wish Jose Aldo was a bigger guy... I would love to see someone like Jose Aldo that make me tear up from how beautiful there timing is on all there strikes.

JBJ against someone like Jose Aldo hast to take them down to the ground before Jose makes your leg look like its been replaced with a elephants

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