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Originally Posted by morninglightmt View Post
Maybe it's a question for another thread, but I was wondering why Fitch hasn't fought more ranked opponents. Of his 14 UFC fights, I think he's only fought 4 guys who were at the time or ever ranked in the top 10 at WW.

Compare that with GSP, who in his 17 UFC fights, aside from I believe only 2 or 3 opponents (Hieron, Miller, Serra the first time), has only fought top 10 ranked opponents since joining the UFC.
They probably have a hard time finding guys who want to fight him. I'm a huge Fitch fan, but to be honest guys don't get highlight reels or noticed when they fight him. He tends to smother them, take them deep in the water, and then they have to lower their head and wonder how it happened as the decision is read for Fitch. Unranked guys are willing to take the risk and fight Fitch, ranked guys aren't.

That and DW probably also isn't willing to risk top tier guys to him because the fight probably won't be FotN or KOotN. Although to be honest, if you can't beat Fitch or Kos there is no reason for you to fight GSP, so they really should be fighting more top guys looking for title shots.
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