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Originally Posted by xayekim
The only irritation so far is the bad refs... I know you have to use people from the athletic commission for the state they are in but they can have a good set of them qualified in the states they fight in like the UFC does, McArthy, Mazagati, Dean... If you think some of these guys are bad refs or tend to stop fights early watch the IFL, particularly the match sets between the razorclaws (frank shamrock) and the lions (ken shamrock) two fights were stopped completely immaturely, blatantly. One, the guy had him and was hitting the back of his head, the guy getting the back of his head struck was still moving but left the back of his head exposed and the ref stopped it after like 3 strikes which were illegal in the IFL, and the guy throwing the illegal blows, the ref stopped it because the guy wasnt defending even though he was going for a grappling position... irritating.

Then in the heavyweights one of the tubby guys was laying down and not really doing to many offensive things but he was defending himself very well, and the ref stopped the fight... It was lame.

A lot of people kinda dont really focus on the refs, if you have bad refs, you have bad matches. You can tell that most refs in the IFL are from the boxing background because everytime they get into a clinch or go the floor they are lost and keep standing them up even though they are working from the ground/mounted/side positions.
I agree with you 100%, if you have bad refs then it will make the sport worse. I have only seen a couple of fights on FSN but I will have to pay attention tonight to see how they do.
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