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Originally Posted by Azzan View Post
Safe Pierre would be nothing without his TD, how well do u think he'll fight without using his TD? you already know the answer to that, so how can you say he is the one of the most complete fight in the world? lol
If he is so good, why can't he finish fights?
Alves, Hardy, etc would waste Safe Pierre in a kick boxing match any day.

No i don't find him exciting because he fights SAFE(even himself admitted it) and can't finish fights. He's got no ballz and i don't wanna see UFC fighter with no ballz, especially not a champion.

Yer GSP couldn't even take BJ(smaller/lighter) down in first round despite many attempts, until he cheated and got fully oiled up and whats so special about other decision wins? Maybe u should watch some Silva fights and see some real skill in MMA.

Honestly far more exciting than Safe Pierre lay n pray.. at least i can see those grass change/grow, Hardy looked identical on post fight interview.(compared to pre fight)
I laughed at the first post because it was funny, now this is just going overboard.

If you watch any sport, specifically MMA... when two top athletes face off, it's always a chess match. At the highest level, one mistake can result in lights out even before you knew it happened.

\For GSP to dominate other fighters the way he does just shows how good his gameplans are and how well he executes them.

You mention Hardy beating GSP.... that's utterly ridiculous....Also, Penn has incredible TDD, that's why it took GSP a while to get him down. If anything, it was super impressive he EVEN got BJ down in the first place!

The only real times you see utter beat downs and domination in the MMA world is when one fighter is clearly on another level, outclassing their opponent(s).

I think you should have a better appreciation for MMA or just stop watching it altogether.
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