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Originally Posted by DJ Syko View Post
So now you are trying use the future to back up your argument? For all we know when GSP is the 36 he could have been KO'd 5 times in row and hadnt won a fight in years, its all completly irrelavant. We are talking about current records here not about what ifs and Of course what GSP has acheived in his career is damn impressive no one can dispute that, but the fact is at this present time Andersons is way better.
O yes! I completely agree. Andersons is better right now. Its an impressive list. But, Im not going to sit here and listen to some muppet try and belittle an excellent champ in GSP, who is clearly a work-in-progress... by comparing his achievements with the uber-evolved vintage Silva. I just don't feel that's fair. Granted, my argument might have a whiff of the ridiculous about it, but I felt GSP needed defending. The man spends every minute of every day focused on training and fighting... and that immediately spells closet gay to the OP joker?? F*uck that. If his opening post can be so fecking ridiculous then its open season, right??
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