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Originally Posted by Big_Charm View Post
Also, Penn has incredible TDD, that's why it took GSP a while to get him down. If anything, it was super impressive he EVEN got BJ down in the first place!
Well BJ is known for his TDD, but Edgar(much smaller than GSP) took BJ down without getting oiled up unlike Safe Pierre.

Originally Posted by tommydaone View Post
Azzan are you 7 years old? Why so much GSP hate? And stop calling him "Safe Pierre" :S

I'm not even going to bother picking apart your argument because it's not worth it and you'll probably just come back with some immature rubbish about why (=);;(=), or whatever that stupid thing you do is, would 0wnz0rz "Safe Pierre"
Thought i already explained the reason.. I think he deserve to be called "Safe Pierre" until he can finish a fight.

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