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Originally Posted by Azzan View Post
Safe Pierre is way overrated, ultra boring, super chicken, can't finish fights, fake black belt bjj, pro cheater and soo in the closet.

If Dana and GSP nuthuggers believe he is the number two or one P4P in the world, he should definitely fight Anderson Silva.
And PLEASE don't tell me it would be an unfair match cos GSP is too small.. cos Silva is taller but doesn't weigh that much more than GSP.
Silva vs GSP will be at same weight of course, so there won't be ANY disadvantage for Safe Pierre. (Silva even said he'll cut down to 170 to face the chicken and move to heavy weight after defeating GSP in UFC 112)
If Silva is too big for GSP then how about Thiago Alves, Paul Daley or Jake Shields?

All MMA/UFC Legends(e.g. Fedor, Randy, Spider, BJ, Shogun, etc) fought many larger/heavier fighters except Safe Pierre(even tho he is a big MW).
All MMA/UFC Legends finish fights in spectacular fashion except Safe Pierre.
(Secret: All MMA/UFC fighters have gf, wife, kids, etc except Safe Pierre.)

If you are a true UFC/MMA fan how can you possibly not wanna watch Silva vs GSP?
... there u go.
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