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Originally Posted by Vale_Tudo View Post
OP, wether you like GSP or not It still doesnt change the fact that he's the pound for pound best fighter on the planet.

I personally cant stand Anderson Silva, but I still concider him a top 3 p4p.
He's just got zero charisma, and seems like an egotistical douchebag who belives he's better than you because he's been told he Is so many damn times by his douchy translator Ed Soares.

This thread talks to much shit to take seriously but listening to some comments like this is what makes these Threads worth scanning over.

Yeah GSP right now is the best P4P fighter on the planet because he hasn't achieved half of what Anderson has....

No hes the best fighter because most of his fights go to a decision....

And the only shit talk to can put on Anderson is about stupid shit like his Charisma and being a douche.

When if u want to start the Vaseline talk, then we can anytime u want, and the fact that everything u said bad about Anderson GSP is all that and more, other then the translator even if sometimes he needs one lol

I purely go off a fighters performance and fights, and not Charisma or shit that doesn't effect a outcome of a fight, like Vaseline does

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