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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
haven't got to it yet CC but I haven't forgotten.
CC that wasn't aimed at you in particular but as you know and by this stage we all know that the rep system is broken, it is and the fact is its not something that can be fixed the issue has been repeatedly brought up and has been a long standing complaint as long as I have been on staff and much longer but its not something that can repaired practically and it won't be happening because of that.

oh, I know buddy, I was just breakin balls....its been quiet without you while you were stuck oput there.....I know it is a mess, as you know I really was just enraged that 13 posts and he didnt budge....maked hard work and threads set up for the benefit of others that you get repped on not worth it....but, it is what it is. I also know if there were something we could would be done!!!

You da man!!!
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