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Hi guys. First please excuse my English usage if I type something wrong in grammar.
Please let me introduce myself.
I'm Thai and I have been living here for 28years.
I have studied Thai martial art systems for several years.
(Thai weapon and Ancient Muay Thai)

Many chinese Kung fu fighters have come to Thailand to fight with Muay Thai fighter for 100 years ago. ( In the time of 5th Jakri Dynasty)

There are many records of these "encounters".

Chinese fighters fought bravely with Thai boxers. But they lose.

But you know what? Some said that one of Muay Thai boxer
died from "internal injury" after winning the chinese fighter
by knock out a few days later.

So I don't think we can say one art is superior than another.

Both Muay Thai and some style of Kung fu are developed to use in War.

And for your information. Ancient Muay Thai is so much different from what you see on TV. Many Techniques
are not allowed in comepetion.

And I believe Kung fu too. You can't perform many "deadly" move to your opponent today.

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