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Originally Posted by limba View Post
Arlovski is done!

Listening to him before this fight: he mentioned his 3 recent losses 3 times in a 6 minutes interview.
His main concern in this fight was not to lose.
It's not all about chin: the Fedor KO and Rogers KO are vicious. No fighter would have been able to *survive* thos punches.
And against Silva he took some powerful punches and didn't go down.

Arlovski's problem is his mind.
And it spread like a virus thru his body and it seems like he forgets to think.
His ring movement is messed up, his head movement, his hands are too low. Everything is fuc*ed up for him.

He needs to fight some D-level cans and get some confidence back.
If not, hang the gloves!

Become an actor or whateva!
His mind is fine, his chin is the problem, he looked great against fedor, the dude tonight, but once they tapped the chin it was lights out. Maybe if he got rid of those stupid twilight teeth things he wears and switch to a real mount guard he would be fine.
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