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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I was honestly kind of scared thinking of a guy that big on top of me with his hand on my throat throwing blows to my face. I think most other fighters would have wanted a way out of there just because that is such a claustrophobic scenario to be in. Except not only do you feel like you cant move or breath, you also have big fists trying to hit you in your face. I certainly expect alot of fighters to have freaked out and tapped, or act more hurt then they are so the TKO gets called. I have so much respect for Fedor to fight through that especially since most other HW are alot bigger then he is. If i was a doctor i dont think there is a way in hell i would be able to get my self to call that fight after just witnessing that. After going through that 5min beating and doing EVERYTHING in your power to keep the fight going and get out of there. How the hell can you get yourself to just make it worth nothing?? Its like you put him in that 5min beating, watched him struggle with every ounce of his body and then just say "Ahh well good job not getting knocked out but you might as well have because im calling this fight off".

Let the man go out on his Shield.
I agree straight up. Didn't even see Dan ask Fedor/trainers/doctor to see if he wanted to continue. We all know what the answer would have been. Kinda glad he didn't call it off though in those tense moments. He may have lost, but his WILL was not broken.

Fedor took everything he had in the top position, got flattened out with a RNC almost, somehow withstood the arm triangle choke, escaped the knee bar, and even put in his own submission.

Yah I HATE the mount position. Glad I learned how to get out of it, but it's super tough when someone is pounding you and weighs that much. I wonder if he tried hip escaping or bumping and reverse. Again I think it was just too much weight.

Not the results I expected or wanted to see. It's all on Overeem now. If Werdum beats em...forget about the SF tourney. All the favorites are gone. Who knows Barnett might win and end up testing for PEDs and shutting down SF. Then the entire roster gets absorbed into the UFC. Fedor comes back and becomes champ...haha! Wouldn't that be something...
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