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Lets face facts the sport has evolved, everyone knows it, Fedor was the last standing P4P name worthy talent of the old generation that used to play by different rules, used to compete against different types of fighter but not against good all round MMA fighters.

Its fitting that he was the last man standing in that respect because he was the best of the old generation and arguably is the man who set the benchmark for the next generation of good all round MMA fighters exceed.

This fight truly did symbol the passing of the touch, the rest of the old generation who Fedor stood above had already been surpassed so Fedor alone kept hold of that torch, it was not one man in Big Foot Silva who took that Torch from him, it was the next generation of fighters who needed to put the past behind them to make room for themselves to make there own mark in the sport.

Did Fedor show Heart? He gave nothing else but.

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