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Originally Posted by fmj View Post
edit: what im asking is, did my dumbass friend ruin my chin permanently?

Originally Posted by fmj View Post
look, ive been in like 2 fights my whole life ok, i dont go around picking or starting them. someone started one with me and i stood up for myself... sometimes the only way to settle things is in a fight, and if you step down your a *****. its about being a man... you cant let people walk over you, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself to get respect so that people dont pick on you...

i assure you i have no bullying problems but assuming somebody calls me a ***** or tries walking over me or challenges me to a fight, THAT is why im asking the above questions.... i dont want to fight, and probably wont....
wait....i'm confused how this went from your buddy hurting you while grappling, to being concerned about fighting someone else / getting into fights with other people soon. especially since you said you don't train.

if you're really worried about getting into another fist fight before your concussion heals, something's amiss dude. also why in the hell are you guys running around arm-barring each other in living rooms when you don't train? that's just begging for someone to get seriously injured.
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