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i got into Episodes now with Matt Leblanc (yes Joey from friends.... and they make fun of that part too), and its accually really good. its about a british couple who made a successful show in england, and they bring em to LA to make an american version of it and the studio just butchers it and makes them cast Matt as the lead. good stuff!

Also comcast threw the first 10 episodes of The Event on ondemand, since the last 5 are gonna air in march, so i watched them to check it out, and im liking that too, the first episode kinda sucked cuz there was just so much jumping around with the time line.... like it was horrible all the time jumping.... but i gave it more time and episodes and it does get alot beter.... im now really looking forward to seeing how it ends!

oh and your welcome M D, heh check out Stargate: Atlantis too, but wait till i think its the 7th or 8th season of SG-1, cuz thats where Atlantis starts, and they have like some crossover episodes when it starts too. Stargate: Universe.... meh... im not into it much, but i didnt really like BSG... just got way too slow... and if you ask me, SG:U should accually be called SG:BSG.....

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