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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Day 3 of the flu. I don't know what strain but I think it's the 400lb gorilla flu. can't keep anything down. so weak I couldn't open a pack of theraflu Had to find scissors. Both girls have it too but they're tougher than me. Mom had to stay home and take care of 3 babies today.
Originally Posted by vilify View Post
That sucks dude.

I've been sick for almost a week myself. I thought I had a cold or flu but none of the meds I took worked. I ended up going to see a doctor yesterday and I have a sinus infection. My throat feels like its stuck together and I feel like shit

get yourself some Nong Shim ramyun spicy picante beef. its not that 10 cent cheap ramen college kids eat, its good stuff. but this stuff is wicked hot! i swear by it now when im sick, esspecially with the sinus and throat infection, its gonna burn double worse BUT! you should feel better later in the day, while your eating it i swear youll feel great (except for the excessive burning in your nose and throat lol) and be able to breathe better for a while.

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