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I waited till the storm calms down, and people stop at least for a short period talking about Fedor and his last loss, because whatever I would have said wouldn't be noticed!

In life there is nothing optimal or complete, there's always better, and there's better than the better and the ride continues. Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko is not an exclusion from this, he is human just like me and you. Fedor through his whole career gave the sport of MMA whether we like the dude or not another flavor, he was always that calm, and humble sportsman. He always respected opponents even when he knew their far from being a threat to him! He always showed us the "Brave Heart" of an MMA warrior, he never gave us a dull or lame show! All his fights where exciting, and the hype was to the sky! Like him or hate him, I'm sure there is no one on earth that hasn't enjoyed his fights even though watching him and waiting for a loss!

A message to Dana White, man you gave the MMA world a lot as a promotioner, don't let the world remember you when you leave in a bad way. Your ongoing work in MMA promotion and fight making really is something that we can't deny. But your acts the last days ago where childish, and they weren't supposed to go out of you! You have some of the best fighters in the world in the UFC, this is fact, but this doesn't mean you have all of them !!! Your problems with Fedor's managers has nothing to do with the guy himself, he might have chosen the wrong management but you won't solve that by going out there and disrespecting a LEGEND like that!! I always wished he went to the UFC and not strikeforce, but this is fact now that he is with them. I really wish you stop your disrespect to the guy, and remember that you said to "Ariel Halwani" when he asked you about the SF heavy weight tournament and if your going to watch Fedor's fight or not, you said yes! This means your interested in the guy, and you really wish he is in the UFC, so don't deny this and stop acting like a little boy who is speaking trash just because he couldn't get that shinny loli-pop !!!

Fedor lost? yes he did, but please tell me who doesn't? All of the UFC's hall of fame fighters Randy "The Natural" Couture lost, Matt Hughes, Mark "The Hammer" Coleman, Royce Gracie, and Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, plus the rest of HOF, all suffered losses in their fighting career, even the greatest Anderson "The Spider" Silva suffered a couple of losses. Then the question is: Why don't we hear childish and trash about those but just Fedor? The reason is very simple my friends, he is the best in all MMA history, he was the best in all of fighting aspects: Grappling, Striking, Clinch, Submissions, and because of his deep beliefs he is the most calm and mind concentrated fighter that I have ever seen in all combat sports!!! How many times have we heard Boss Rutten say (something near, because don't remember the exact phrase): When you see his face you don't know if he is entering a fight or going shopping !!! Give me one man today that doesn't show the camera emotion?

Guys if the man is going to retire at least let him rest in peace and stop all the dumb trash that proves nothing just the jealousy of such an emperor.

Yes Fedor you lost, yes it might be the last time we see you fight, but you will always be there in our hearts and memories.

We cherish you in lose as in victory, we stand for you in lose as in victory, and for sure your still the Mohammed Ali of MMA.

R.I.P. bro.

this wasn't written to make excuses, I for sure say CONGRATS to Bigfoot, but its for those lamers out there who have nothing but hide behind a keyboard and talk shit about a person who gave his life to MMA !!!

Fedor Emelianenko: The one who doesn't fall, doesn't stand up

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