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Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
the best thing in your write up is the parts where you talk about how Dana made an ass out of himself. The dude just constantly loses my respect. I could care less who he is, I don't tune in to watch UFC or STRIKEFORCE because of their brand. I tune in because I like to watch mixed martial artists compete.
Thanks mate, this is my first writing here. Me too like the competition, like the sport ship that those great fighters show us, and for sure the big show they give us.

Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
And people who play the whole UFC or Strikforce game are Nerding out IMO. Do you honestly think anyone gives a damn if you watch one or the other? You're not going to get laid because you're a UFC loyalist. And it doesn't make you cool to diss second rate organizations. It's as bad as the nerds who fight over XBOX360 or PS3. Get over it, cause it's pointless and it makes you a nerd. You may like fighting, but it still makes you a nerd to geek out over MMA brands.
I 100% agree with you in the end shall a UFC addict only watch the UFC and leave all the joy over SF or any other org. ? the answer is short "NO" !

Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
Fedor made a fatal flaw by being surrounded by complete jackass management. It was percieved that he was ducking the UFC, when really his management was just asking for too much because they and Dana White are greedy capitalist thugs. Do you think Dana White or M1 care about Fedor? Hell no, they care about lining their pockets, they don't see a human being who's devoted to martial arts competition, they see a cash cow.
Yes, even the last tweet of DW made that clear to all when he talked about Vandeem or something like that. I hate this way, because if there is a war between DW and M1 Global? Then they both must respect the fighter and keep him out of this not drag him into it and trying to make him just a toy to play with!!! Both as you said just want to drain that cow from milk as much as they can, shame on them.

Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
In playing these games, or allowing it to happen. Fedor set himself up to be scrutinized heavily for failure. I never followed that much of fedor, but I became a fan of his in the Silva fight. The dude showed heart, class, composure and will. You can tell that underneath all the BS lies an honest individual who is getting used. He has to take the beatings, while others just lose their investments.
I have followed this dude for years, I have read maybe all papers about what has been said about him, or what he says. I really loved the MMA world because of him, and him only. He was the person who lead me into this sport as a fan and even as a practitioner. This dude is for real a legend, and not just any legend but one that will never be erased from heart or mind. He always gave us a show, no supplex or punch to the chin sent him down, but this time the size and other aspects are different. I really hope he either gains some weight or cuts some and moves down to the LHW. But I can't stand to see him leave the arena/octagon like this

Thanks mate for your comment, its gr8

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