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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I thought it was simple, rather than seeing the rant as some pre-historic, Native American polytheistic-esque rant, that Bill was simply asking how and why would the world exist...

That being, an ecosystem capable of supporting sentient life, rather than on Mars or any other place else we know of.

Furthermore, how the ecosystem is so perfectly capable of supporting these beings, etc.

Taking things literally seems to be the bane of the left brained people.

Take what O'Reilly said at face value and look at the macro encompassing theme he's talking about, rather than "Bill said we don't know where tides come from, but we do, he's dumb."
Bill asks how do these things work, we give him answers.

If he said "how did the universe get here", we'd have less answers. He didn't. He asked how these things work, why does the tide go in and out without fail? We know that. Why does the sun go down and up without fail? We know that. He asks why the Earth has a moon, and mars doesn't have any. Mars has 2 moons.

His entire debate on why he believes in magic is because he says, and I quote "no one can explain to me why the tides go in and out without fail, why the sun goes up and down". That's his exact quote, and we have those exact answers.
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