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It's a random prediction that can be made by anyone. I could say that America will called something different someday somtime in the future, no real date, no details, just that it will be done in the future. It comes true, that makes me God, yes? No, it means over the course of an infinite amount of time, ANYTHING can happen.

What you call proof and evidence is not anything that any single person on this planet today could not do. If this was a court room, and you said "Yes, here is the proof" and you gave a prediction that someone made thousands of years ago that has no details, no time span, no nothing, just a simple prediction and it came true, you would lose in court, and lose bad. No court would ever accept that evidence, not even to the slightest bit, it would be null and void.

Evidence is something you can TEST, something you can test multiple times, something that you can see, feel and touch, not just once, but multiple times and can be proven that you are indeed feeling, touching, and seeing it, proven again, then proven again then proven again then proven again then proven again over and over and over until it became fact, and indeed evidence.

If you think someone making a prediction thouands of years ago about something that has almost no detail and an infnite amount of time is proof that there's a magic man in the sky, what can I say?
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